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My marriage, My Life Project

Family is the center of society, therefore it is important to create a solid foundation for marriage.  In this way, the couple will be capable of dealing with life’s variables, including social, economic, and political challenges.  This, in turn, reduces the rates of divorce, family disintegration, social isolation, and domestic violence.

The idea behind the program ” My Marriage, My Life Project” resulted from a desire to support the Palestinian family through education, in order to reduce divorce rates, address marital problems, and provide skills to ensure marital success.  The program focuses on the religious, psychological, health, familial, social, and economic aspects of marriage.

Target group:

  • Young people planning to get married
  • Newlyweds
  • Couples with marital problems

Program Goals:

  • Prepare young people to marry by providing them with skills and information in the religious, psychological, social, familial, economic, and health fields.
  • Raise awareness about the importance of selecting a suitable partner, the rights and duties of both parties
  • Address marital problems and how to resolve them; and the importance of communication in building healthy family
  • Achieving family stability

Components of the program:

  • Lectures
  • Present and discuss real-life experiences
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