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Psychological and Social Support Program for Children

The increased incidence of social and political violence in Palestine calls for the establishment of psychological support programs to support those affected, especially children.  Children are particularly vulnerable in the face of psychological crises, and therefore their treatment requires attention and care. Wings of Hope for trauma felt it necessary to create psychosocial support programs for children's groups that align with the policy of the organization, in alleviating the psychological and social problems suffered by these children as a result of these difficult circumstances.

Target group:

Children with post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychological problems, ranging in age from 10 to 13 years.

Program Goals:

  • Educate the children about the symptoms of PTSD, and to give them positive strategies in dealing with these symptoms
  • Provide parents with knowledge about the symptoms of PTSD in children and provide them with positive strategies in dealing with these symptoms.
  • Work with children through group sessions aimed at psychological and emotional expression, and improve their social behavior
  • Develop personal skills by tackling various topics related to this age

Some of the interventions used to achieve the objectives of the program include:

  • Educational awareness sessions on psycho-traumatology and its symptoms for children and parents
  • Group activities of a therapeutic nature (exercises of imagination, relaxation, role-playing, and drawing)
  • Awareness sessions related to topics including: time management, communication, confidence building, adolescence, and test anxiety
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