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Graduation of the third psycho-traumatology training

Wings of Hope for trauma has concluded its five-stage trauma course, which was divided over two years between November 2012 and October 2014.  20 participants from various Palestinian mental health and counseling institutions participated in the training which was led in cooperation with German expert Dr. Lutz Besser, from the Center for Psycho-Traumatology and Trauma-Therapy Lower Saxony (ZPTN) and specialist Mrs. Martina Bock from Wings of Hope Germany.


During this course, a number of theoretical topics, along with the practical application of the latest scientific methods to treat people with post-traumatic stress disorder, were introduced:

Some of the important topics that were covered in the training included:

  1. The history of psycho-traumatology
  2. Identifying  different types of trauma
  3. Working mechanisms of psychological trauma in the brain (Neuroplasticity)
  4. The importance and methodology of stability and resource utilization
  5. Screen technique for positive life events
  6. The mind-body connection, including relaxation, imagination, and breath techniques
  7. Saving of the inner child and working on the internal team and internal stage 
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