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The fourth stage of the Traumatology and its Treatment training was concluded under the supervision of Mrs. Ursula Mukarker, the director of Wings of Hope for trauma and in cooperation with the German expert Dr. Lutz Besser, representative from The Center for Psycho-Traumatology and Trauma-Therapy Lower Saxony (ZPTN). The training was held from 04.04.2016 until 08.04.2016 at the organization’s offices.

On 17/3/2016 and 24/3/2016, the psychologist, Mrs. Faten Nasrallah, from Wings of Hope for trauma gave two lectures about “School Violence” in the presence of 19 teachers from Al-Eman School- Beit Sahour.

On Thursday, 31 March 2016, Wings of Hope for trauma participated in the Annual Career Day organized by Bethlehem University with the participation of a large number of institutions and companies.

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