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In cooperation with the foundation Wings of Hope Germany represented by the German expert Peter Klentzan, Wings of Hope for Trauma opened its first five-day training in psychotraumatology on 29/6/2011-3/7/2011 from 9:00-4:00 o’clock.

Wings of Hope for Trauma organized a free open day for personal and family consultations in speech problems among children and adults on Friday, 5/10/2012 under the supervision of the speech Therapist, Mrs. Nijmah Hodali, a graduate from Germany. Miss Hodali passes on some guidance and advices to 15 cases from Hebron and Bethlehem area. It is worth noting that speech problems is not necessarily the result of organic problems or a disease, as some of the cases are a result of psychological factors such as exposure to Trauma.

Wings of Hope presented a lecture about the teens on the 24/04/2013 with the participation of students from the middle and high school levels of school. They divided the children into boys and girls. Miss Niveen Abu Rasheed was the leader of the female group, and Mr. Ayed Hoshya led the male group.

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